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Chapter 24: Solo bondage

The other game that Jennifer and I play a lot, is called "Solo-bondage." This particular game involves my favorite subject, self-bondage. Even though Jennifer and I tie each other up a lot, I still enjoy putting myself in restrictive bondage. The thrill of not really knowing if I will get free without help always makes self-bondage a love that I will never give up. However, now that Jennifer knows what I do to myself, and that I use her for my safety monitor, I have become more creative in my self-bondage adventures.

The rules to this particular game were simple, I would call Jennifer at work and tell her what time to come over and release me from my bondage. Because I ask a lot of her, Jennifer gets to add some extras requirements of her own. I would also tell her the type of bondage that I would be in, so that she would have an idea of the amount of restraint and stress that I would be under. Jennifer knows that if I am trying some suspension bondage on myself, she can't be very late. However, if the bondage involves a chair or bed, well, Jennifer just might take her time in arriving.

Earlier that day, I had called Jennifer and asked her to come over later that night around eight o'clock. I told her my plans and she then told me that I was to wear a blindfold and wooden clothespins on my nipples. My bondage was now set. With what I had planned for myself and the extras that Jennifer had demanded, I would be in for an interesting evening of restraint.

The position that I used for this night's bondage adventure came from a bondage movie that I had recently purchased. The idea is to straddle a leather covered saw horse with your hands tied behind you. The fun part comes when you pull your ankles up behind you off the floor. This forces most of your weight to be supported by your crotch. If your crotch is filled by a dildo, then the dildo is buried deep within you with little hope of being expelled. Any movement by you on the horse causes an instant reaction to your crotch.

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