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Chapter 23: A birthday to remember

When I arrived home, there was a note lying on the table along with a pair of Jennifer's cotton panties (wet of course), a leather strap, a long black latex sheet, elbow-length black leather gloves, and a leather paddle with a pink bow attached to the handle. It was obvious what part of my evening was to entail.

The note said to remove my skirt and sweater, gag myself by stuffing the panties in my mouth and securing them with the leather strap. I was then to cover the whole thing with the four inch latex sheet. This would make for a very secure gag and, of course, Jennifer's panties were not soaked with water.

After I was gagged, I was to bring the paddle and gloves into the bedroom, give the paddle to Jennifer, present myself for inspection, then put on the leather gloves, place myself in bondage with the restraints that were provided and wait for the surprise. I gagged myself as the note had instructed, and removed my outer clothing. I then picked up the paddle and leather gloves and started towards my bedroom. Before reaching the bedroom, I happened to pass my full length mirror that is on my hallway bathroom door. I stopped to admire the bound figure that was reflecting in the mirror. I was semi-nude with a black tape bra that only covered my nipples, gagged with panties and black latex sheet, wearing a black leather chastity belt that made my ass cheeks spread apart (a good position for a little spanking?) white latex stockings and garter belt, and high-heeled black leather boots. I was quite the submissive!

When I entered the bedroom, Jennifer was lying on the bed. She was dressed from head to toe in black leather. She was wearing a black leather corset with a quarter cup bra that pushed her breasts up very high, leaving her nipples exposed and erect, leather panties, crotchless of course, black thigh-high leather stockings attached to the corset by eight garters, shiny black leather ankle boots with stiletto heels, and to top off the outfit, black elbow-length kid leather gloves. She was drinking a glass of wine, smoking a long white cigarette that she was holding between her gloved fingers, and reading my latest bondage magazine that must have arrived in the mail.

In the middle of the room, lying on the floor, was my three foot metal spreader bar with locking ankle cuffs. Above the bar, hanging from a hook from the ceiling, was a chain to which another set of handcuffs were locked.

I walked over to the bed and handed Jennifer the paddle. Jennifer tested the chastity belt to ensure that the belt was still tightly locked on and made sure that the vibrator was still working. From the way her gloved fingers came out of my crotch wet, the vibrator was doing it's intended job. Jennifer then inspected the tape bra to ensure it wasn't removed. Finally she inspected the latex gag that I was wearing to ensure I followed the her instruction to the letter. She asked me how her panties tasted? I could only shake my head to tell her I knew what that taste was. Before I applied my self-bondage, Jennifer had me kiss her feet with her gagged lips. I was really turning into a good submissive.

I now put the leather gloves on each arm. I then proceeded to lock my ankles apart using the ankle cuffs and spreader bar. The boots that I wore protected my ankles from any chaffing. I then reached up and locked the handcuffs on my wrist. I was now Jennifer's bound slave. Jennifer just watched me through a soft white cloud of smoke.

As I stood there in bondage, my mind was racing. What did Jennifer have in store for me. I was becoming very excited from the vibrator but with my hands locked over my head, I could not reach those special areas of my body that needed caressing to push me over the edge.

Jennifer got up from the bed and slowly walked towards me. She had the paddle in one gloved hand and the cigarette in the other. She took the paddle and slowly caressed my bottom. She commented on the way the chastity belt separated my ass cheeks and made for a perfect target.

She told me that I was to get a birthday spanking and that I was to count each of the strokes. If I missed a stroke, there would be another. Needless to say it was a long 34 strokes, even though I am only 28 years old. When the birthday spanking was done, Jennifer then told that she had another surprise for me.

For being such a good girl, Jennifer had purchased some additional presents for me. She pulled from a box a black leather corset, long black, high-waisted, leather hobble skirt, a black leather single-arm glove, and black patent leather opera pumps with six inch heels. Jennifer was going to dress me head to toe in black leather.

The first thing she did was to remove the tape bra and tape from my nipples. She then unlocked and carefully removed the chastity belt, vibrator, and butt plug. Jennifer then released my feet from the spreader bar, removed my boots and the latex stockings and garter belt. I was now standing in the middle of the bedroom bound with my hands locked over my head, wearing only a latex gag and black leather elbow-length gloves.

Jennifer then decided that I needed a little torture in my life, and she proceeded to attach a set of metal nipple clips to my already sensitive nipples. These clips were joined by a small chain, and to the chain, was tied a long piece of string. Jennifer threaded the string through a hook on the ceiling and tied off the other end to the bed. She pulled the string taut causing me to lift up on my tip toes to keep the pressure on my nipples to a minimum.

With my nipples tied the way they were, I could not move around at all. Jennifer took her gloved hand and slowly caressed my breasts and underarms. She knew that I was very ticklish, but I could not lower my arms, or move away from her because of the nipple clamps and the handcuffs.

Jennifer now moved around behind me and put the corset around my waist. She cinched the corset very tightly thus giving my body that hourglass shape. This corset fitted just below my breasts to just above my crotch. It pushed my breasts up nice and high. She then locked the corset on with two special padlocks. She told me that she had mailed me the keys to the corset at my office. I would have to wait until tomorrow to get the corset off.

She then slowly pulled on black silk stockings on each of my legs, taking care to caress the inside of my thighs on the way up. She was driving me wild with passion. She attached the stockings to the corset with six garters that were attached to the corset.

After this was done, she put the six-inch high heeled pumps on my feet. I could tell that standing in these heels for a long period of time was going to be rough.

Before Jennifer put the skirt on me, she put a "Joni's Butterfly" vibrator on me, pressing it tightly against my crotch. The vibrator had a cord attached to the ON/OFF switch which Jennifer strapped to my waist.

Jennifer then took the leather hobble skirt and held it open for me as I stepped into the opening. She pulled the skirt up to my waist and over my hips. The fit was very snug. She zipped the skirt up in back by my waist and down by my ankles. This drew my legs very close together and it was getting harder and harder to keep my balance. Had it not been for the handcuffs and, of course, the nipple clamps, I probably would have lost my balance. This skirt also had a small strap that went beneath the soles of my of my high heels that prevented the skirt from ridding up my legs. It also prevented my from removing my pumps.

Jennifer now removed the latex sheet from my around my mouth and panty gag. She then put a leather discipline hood over my head and tightly laced the hood shut. This hood had a penis gag built in and it filled my mouth completely. It also had openings for my nose to allow easy breathing and openings for the eyes. Jennifer then locked the hood on my head by locking the leather collar that was attached to the hood, around my neck. The hood was not coming off. Now, with the exception of my upper body and arms, I was encased in black leather.

Next Jennifer loosened the string that kept the tension on my nipple clamps. She did not remove the clamps, though. She then brought a bar stool over to where I was standing, and proceeded to unlock my hands from the handcuffs. When this was done, she had me sit on the stool, to keep from falling.

She then brought my arms behind me and strapped my wrists together, palm to palm, with a small leather strap. Jennifer then forced my arms and wrists into a black leather armbinder. She tightened the armbinder's straps thus forcing my arms and elbows very close together. Jennifer buckled the leather straps that were attached to the binder up and over my shoulders, crisscrossing above my breasts. The straps prevented the armbinder from falling down. Jennifer then took a long leather strap and tightly strapped my arms to my body. My leather bondage was almost complete.

Jennifer then helped me over to the bed and had me lie down. She attached a short leather leash to the chain that was attached to my nipple clips and tied the leash to head of the bed. I was not going to leave the bed. Jennifer then added a leather blindfold thus cutting off all light.

I was now totally encased in leather. I could not talk, see, or barely hear due to the discipline hood, and I was tied to the bed by my nipples. This had been a favorite fantasy of mine for some time. Jennifer and I have been trading fantasies with each other for quite awhile and we have been trying to make each others fantasize come true when the opportunity arose. Jennifer had used my birthday to fulfill my latest one.

Jennifer leaned over my and put her mouth to my ear and wished me a happy birthday as she switched on my vibrator. I was in heaven. With the combination of the leather bondage, nipple discipline, and the vibrator, I would probably break all the orgasm records ever set.

Needless to say, it was quite a night. Jennifer finally freed my after what seemed like forever but had only been two hours. I lost count of the number of times that I orgasmed during that period. The only reason that Jennifer released me was that she was growing anxious to try out all the new leather gear that she had bound me with. Jennifer did get her turn bound in the black leather that evening and she enjoyed it just as much as I had.

Public bondage can be very exciting, but for me the game "Solo-Bondage" can be just as fun.

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