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Chapter 22: Games

Jennifer and I are always inventing new bondage games to play. We play games like "Mistress and Slave," "Kidnapped," "Dual Self-Bondage," "Public Bondage," and "Solo-Bondage." The first two games are self-explanatory, so I'll just describe the last two.

In "Public Bondage," the idea is to tie one another up or add some type of restraint to certain parts of the body that can be worn while out in the public. For example, one time Jennifer and I went to a movie and I brought along two sets of thumb cuffs. I had Jennifer remove her high heels and then I proceeded to lock her big toes around the chair leg in front of us. I then locked her thumbs behind her back and we then settled down to watch the movie. Things were going fine until a bunch of kids decided that they wanted to sit in the same row that Jennifer and I were in. The kids had to walk over Jennifer's legs and all Jennifer could do was sit there and smile. What made matters worse was that Jennifer had chosen to wear her short leather mini skirt and as she moved for the boys, the skirt started to hike up and expose the top of her stockings. Jennifer was humiliated, to say the least. Jennifer did repay me for that adventure the very next Wednesday, which turned out to be my birthday.

Jennifer called me the night before and told me that she had a surprise for me on my birthday. She told me that to get my present from her, I was to wear to work a sweater and skirt combination with my knee-high black high heeled boots, but underneath, I was to wear my white latex stockings, matching garter belt and latex panties.

The next morning I was so excited that I could hardly dress myself. Slipping my legs into the cool latex stockings and panties almost made me come right there in the bedroom. I had to control myself because I knew today would bring some interesting events. When I got to work that morning, there was a note on my desk saying that Jennifer had called to say that she would be at the office around two o'clock that afternoon. It was going to a be a long morning of sexual anticipation.

At two o'clock, Jennifer walked into my office. She was wearing a blue leather dress with black gloves, black seamed stockings, and black patent leather opera pumps with four inch heels. She looked like a model from a Paris fashion show. She was also carrying a leather briefcase.

She walked in and shut the door behind her. She asked me if I had worn what she had asked me to last night. I told her yes and showed her. Then she asked me if I was ready to receive my birthday present, and if I was, I was to follow her specific commands. Of course, I told her I was all hers.

Jennifer then told me to stand up and remove my sweater and bra, which I did hesitantly (I hoped no one would come in). She then pulled a roll of black electrician's tape from her briefcase and proceeded to put two, four-inch long pieces of tape across each nipple forming an "X" on each breast. Jennifer then took a long piece of tape and wrapped it entirely around my chest and across my nipples. She told me that this tape bra would take the place of my satin bra and that the tape on my nipples would prevent them from standing out and being seen through the sweater. The tape was very restrictive and did not allow my breasts to swing from side to side. So far I could handle this, it was the next item that really made me sweat.

With my breasts taken care of, Jennifer now ordered me to take off my skirt and latex panties. When I had done this Jennifer then pulled from her briefcase a leather chastity belt that had a vibrating butt plug and dildo. She walked around behind me and strapped the belt around my waist. She then very carefully brought the other strap between my legs, turned on the vibrators, and inserted them into their respective places. The feeling was wonderful. Jennifer then locked the belt in back with a padlock to which I knew I did not have a key. Jennifer then told me that this was the pay back for the "Public Bondage" at the movie last week. I could already tell that this was going to be a long afternoon. I only hoped that I would make it home.

Before Jennifer let me put my sweater and skirt back on, she made me stand in front of my desk so that she could take a couple of pictures of me with her Polaroid camera. The contrast between the white latex stockings and the black leather of the chastity belt made for a sharp picture.

After this was done, Jennifer allowed me to put my clothes back on. No one would ever know what I had on underneath my skirt and top. If anyone were to find out, I think I would die from humiliation. Jennifer then added one more article of restraint to my already excited body.

Jennifer pulled from her briefcase a box with a bow on the top. She said that one of my birthday presents was inside. I opened the box to find a set of silver plated handcuffs. I was very touched by the gift. Jennifer then surprised me by telling me to hold out my wrists so that I could try them on. Without thinking, I did just that, and Jennifer snapped the cuffs on my wrists in front of me. It was then that I realized that I didn't have the key. Jennifer sat back in her chair, lit a cigarette and smiled at me. I begged Jennifer to unlock them before somebody came in and saw them. Jennifer just laughed and picked up my bra and latex panties and placed them in her briefcase and headed for the door. I was almost in a state of panic.

Before Jennifer left, she told me that she would give the key, in an envelope, to my assistant outside. With that, she just turned and left the office. I sat back in my chair in total shock. Here I was, a professional business women at work, wearing a tape bra, latex stockings, chastity belt, and handcuffs.

The humiliation that was building up inside was almost too much. The vibrators were doing a great job of keeping me very stimulated, and the tape on my breast and nipples did not let me forget that they were there.

After a couple of minutes, my assistant walked in with a blue envelope. I had to keep my hands under my desk to prevent the handcuffs from being seen. Inside the envelope, there was a key and some instructions. The instructions said that I was to leave the tape on my breasts until I got home, and that there were further instructions waiting for me when I arrived.

After work ended, I left in a rush. It had been very difficult to sit through the afternoon meetings. The vibrators that were locked between my legs kept my mind daydreaming about the evening ahead. I could only wonder what Jennifer had in store for my birthday. Also, everyone kept looking at me, and I kept wondering if they could hear the sound of the vibrator. However, my attention was brought back to the real world every time I tried to shift my weight in my chair. This was due to the butt plug sticking up my rear.

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