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Chapter 21: The walk

At about nine-thirty that evening, we decided to try our luck at the long walk to the front yard. It was a very slow walk, especially in high heels and hobbles. We only hoped that no one would see us. It would look kind of funny seeing two bare-breasted females that were gagged, trying to walk out to the front yard.

The walk was long and fairly uneventful. We did have to wait in the shadows on the house for a couple on minutes while a car or two went past.

Eventually, we retrieved the key to the back door (even though Jennifer had made a mistake and put the key in my neighbors mailbox). Once we got back inside the house, we immediately unlocked and removed our ball gags, then removed our ankles cuffs. Jennifer then unlocked and removed her heels and I removed my boots. My feet were really sore and so were Jennifer's.

We got out of our bondage outfits and slowly removed the latex panties, dildo, and butt plugs. Needless to say the dildo was wet and slippery. We then took a nice long hot shower together. We then settled down for a much deserved drink for the both of us and a cigarette for Jennifer.

During our break, we discussed our self-bondage experience. We both decided that we really enjoyed the experience very much but we had to admit that I liked the self-bondage better than Jennifer. Jennifer says that she does like to be tied up tightly by someone else who can then be in total control over her. She also stated that she prefers to be on the giving end of bondage more than the receiving end. That suited me just fine.

It was one of the best weekends of my life. The amount of bondage that was discussed, practiced, read about, and watched on video was enough to last most people a lifetime. What was best was that now I had a beautiful bondage partner that I could live out both of our many fantasies with.

As I walked Jennifer to the door that Sunday evening, we both looked at each and embraced in a long and wet kiss. We both know that we would do this again real soon.

After she had left, I was so excited that when I went to bed, I locked my big toes together with a set of thumbcuffs, gagged myself with a piece of grey duct tape, and then locked a set of handcuffs on my wrists in front of me. I then turned off the light and went fast asleep. All I could dream of was the many different bondage games that Jennifer and I could play.

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