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Chapter 20: The journey

The trip out to the garage was very slow. We had first checked the backyard to make sure it was clear and then we headed out. I had to walk backwards because the waist belt would not allow me or Jennifer to turn around.

It took about 85 steps to reach the garage door. The trip was fairly uneventful (too bad). We only had one problem along the way. The string that was attached to Jennifer's nipple clamps was dragging along the ground and it got caught on a crack in the sidewalk. This stopped Jennifer in her tracks. We both knew that if we fell, there would be no way to stand back up. We would have to crawl as best as we could to get to the garage. We would then have to figure out how to open the door once we got there.

Crawling is hard too do when you are tied together and gagged and forced to coordinate your movements without talking. It is also hard to crawl when you have nipple clamps attached to your tits and these clamps have a six foot strings attached to them. Luckily, Jennifer's string came free when we backed up in the other direction.

Once we were in the garage, we both realized that it was going to a problem to reach down and retrieve the key off the floor. We did not want to just fall from the standing position because with our hands locked behind us, we would probably get hurt. So we had to very slowly bend our knees until we were both squatting and then carefully lean over until we fell to the ground. (Next time we will put the key on a shelf that is waist high). Next time!

Luckily, Jennifer fell near the key and it was only a matter of shifting our bound bodies a couple of feet in order for her to get at it. Unfortunately the one thing that we did not practice was for Jennifer to try and unlock the wrist cuffs with leather gloves on. I could see that she was having a problem finding the key hole. It takes a lot of practice. However, after about five minutes, she shook her head in the yes direction trying to tell me that she had the key in the hole, however, as luck would have it, it was the wrong key. It did not fit Jennifer's cuffs.

We would now have to reposition ourselves in such a way that I could use the key. This took a few minutes and it was complicated by the fact that Jennifer was lying on my nipple clamp string and I could not move until she got off it. She did and we got turned around and I got the key to my wrist cuffs and unlocked them. My hands were now free.

The first thing I did was to very carefully remove the nipple clamps from my tits. This turned out to cause more discomfort then leaving them on. They started to sting as the blood rushed back into the nipples. I slowly sat there as caressed them with my gloved hands until the pain subsided. Jennifer was getting impatient, so I next reached over and very slowly pulled on Jennifer's clamps. Jennifer just closed her eyes and bit down on the ball gag. This was here payback for moving me around back in the guest room. The tough part was over.

Once my nipple clamps were off. clamps were off, we just laid on the floor for a few minutes catching our breath. When Jennifer was ready, I very carefully picked myself up off the floor, then I helped Jennifer up. Remember, we were still kept separated by the four foot broomstick and Jennifer's hands were still locked behind her. After a little struggling, we were finally on our feet and ready to head back to the guest room. Before we left the garage, I decided that Jennifer needed some more pay back. As Jennifer eyes widened with shock, I carefully tied her nipple clamp string to the broomstick between us, causing her to stoop over. She would stay that way until we got back into the guest room. I'm sure that my turn for punishment was coming!

We first checked the backyard for any signs of intruders, there were none, and we started on that long walk back to the room. Again, I walked backwards, mainly because my hands were free and I could better balance myself. The trip was made without any hitches. The trip was a little slower due to the fact that Jennifer had to stoop over.

Once we got inside, I locked the door and we made our way over to the bed where I then reached up and retrieved the keys to our waist belts and Jennifer's wrist cuffs. In a few seconds, I was free from the broomstick and removed my chastity belt. I then proceeded to unlock Jennifer's wrists and removed her waist belt. Jennifer reached up and slowly removed her nipple clamps. What a relief. I could see it in her eyes. We both then removed our leather gloves, they had again served their purpose of prolonging the bondage.

We were now free except for our ball gags, ankle cuffs, and the four foot chain that still connected our feet together. The keys to all these locks, if you will remember, are on the bed in the house.

All we had to do now was wait for darkness so that Jennifer and I could make that long trip to the front yard and get the key to the back door. It was five o'clock now, so we had about four or five hours to kill, we only hoped that our jaws would make it for that amount of time. Since our ankles were still locked together, we couldn't remove the latex panties and thus the dildo and butt plugs would remain with up the rest of the evening.

It was a long five hours to say the least. We couldn't talk because of the ball gags, and we were always at least four feet from each other due to the chain at our ankles. We just spent our five hours watching the rest of my bondage videos and reading bondage magazines, hoping that the time would go quick, of course, it didn't. We did manage to take the time for a quick lesbian affair on the bed. It was quite a sight. Two women bound and gagged, one booted the other one in heels. Each of us spent time caressing the other's sore nipples and pushing the dildos in and out. Had we not been gagged the noise from the orgasms would have surely awakened the neighbors.

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