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Chapter 19: Togetherness

For the first couple of minutes, Jennifer and I tried to get the feel of our bondage. We were good. There was going to be no escape from our bondage until the right time. We just had to try and relax and watch our bondage tapes. Hopefully this would take our minds off the dull ache that was starting to build in our nipples and in our jaws from the oversized ball gags that we had used.

Occasionally, we would try to pull the nipple clamps to see if we could get the ice to break or the clamps to slip off, but all our efforts only made the clamps tighten down harder and increase our discomfort. We would just have to wait.

Jennifer and I were fast learning the finer points of bondage, i.e., tight restraint, helplessness, and loneliness. We could not talk to each other because of the ball gags, and we could not touch or tease each other due to our bondage positions. We had talked about the possibility of something going wrong, forcing us to remain prisoners of our own bondage for God knows how long! That unknown possibility made being tied up all that much more exciting and worth while. It's amazing what thoughts can go through your mind when you are all tied up and are relying on the simple melting of an ice cube for your freedom. (What if the string gets caught on the hook in the ceiling after the ice melts?… What happens if the garage door gets locked by mistake?... What if someone just happens to come into my backyard and look into the guest room?)

Being tied up is not all that bad if you are tied to a chair or tied on the floor or bed, but being tied up and forced to stand in very high heeled shoes or boots, for over two hours, is very hard on the feet, and what is worse is when you are forced to remain standing in one place by your nipples, that is worse yet (but exciting)! Add this to the fullness of the dildo and butt plugs and the bondage is almost complete. We could have added blindfolds but decided that the absence of sight along with the tight bondage would be too much. With the way we were tied, we would not have been able to help each other if one of us had fallen. Getting up would be hard enough without the blindfold...maybe next time under less stringent conditions.

It is funny how time seems to slow down when you want something to happen so bad. After about two hours of standing there having to remain very still, both Jennifer and I were ready to be free. You could see it in our faces, we were both drooling down our chins on to our chests and our nipples were very sore from all the tension of the nipple clamps. In addition, our shoulders and feet ached from the tight bondage and high heels.

At about the two and one half hour point, Jennifer's ice cube melted enough to slip through the eyelet. She was now free but she could not go anywhere because she was attached to me by the broomstick and I was still attached to the ceiling by my nipples. Jennifer would just have to wait until I was free. Jennifer teased me by moving me around slightly with the broomstick, causing the pulling on my nipples to increase. I couldn't wait to get free from this clamps and pay Jennifer back!

My ice cube melted about 15 minutes later and at this point we were both free to move out to the garage and start the second phase of our self-bondage adventure.

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