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Chapter 17: The event

The first thing that Jennifer did when she got to the room was to lock her high heel pumps on her feet with the small chains and two of the small locks that we had pre-staged earlier that day. Remember, the keys to these locks were lying on the bed in the house. We then proceeded to set up the TV and VCR. We put on one of my videotapes that I had prepared by copying three of my favorite bondage movies. It gave Jennifer and I about four hours of bondage entertainment to keep us from getting bored.

We then marked the spots on the floor where we were going to be tied up and put two hooks in the ceiling about twelve inches apart. I also had put three other hooks in the ceiling that I had used for past bondage adventures. One was directly in the ceiling over my head, another was in the ceiling about five feet away, and the last was hanging over the bed.

I then placed the keys to our waist belts and the unknown wrist cuff key on the hook hanging from the ceiling above the bed. When our hands were locked behind us, these keys would be out of reach. This setup forces us to walk out to the garage to get the key which is on the floor. The only problem was we did not know whose cuffs the key would unlock. We had a fifty/fifty chance. When one of our hands were free, we could come back into the guest room and reach up to get the other key and remove, some but not all, of the bondage.

I now took the second set of keys to our wrist cuffs that were attached to a string, frozen in an ice cube, and tied the free end of the string to the hook that was going to be over my head. I then attached the ice cube to the other hook that was five feet away. It was attached in such a way that when the ice melted, the keys would swing down to where I could reach them and get free.

This procedure was what we were going to use as a first back up escape method. Remember, I usually call Jennifer and ask her to come over later that day and use her as a safety monitor. However, since she will be just as tied up as I will be, that method will not work, so therefore I will use the string and ice as a backup method. The size of the ice cube was such that it would melt in about four or five hours. We used this length of time to ensure that the other ice cubes for our nipple clamps would melt first, forcing us to go out to the garage to get free vice spending another two or three hours in such stringent bondage, with nipple clamps still on our nipples. We either go to the garage and take our chances outside, or stay in the room and wait for the ice cube to melt, still in tight bondage.

We then set up our second safety by attaching the strings that were tied to the buckets of oil to the hooks above out heads. The strings were looped in such a way that we could both grab the string with our bound hands. However, if we had to use that method to get free, the mess from the oil would take hours to clean up.

The next thing that we did was to thread the strings that had the nipple clamps attached to one end and an ice cube to the other through one of the hooks in the ceiling, one string per hook. The hooks were small enough so that the ice cube would have to melt almost completely away before it would allow the string to pass through.

This was the technique that Jennifer and I used to keep us tied up in the guest room for a while, before we would be allowed to walk to the garage. We would be tied to the ceiling by our nipples. When the ice melted on the other end of the string, we would be able to leave the room. But this wasn't it to our self-bondage, there was more!

Both Jennifer and I attached a set of locking ankle cuffs around our ankles. Before we locked them, we made sure that the lock went through the end of a four-foot chain. Each lock was then locked securely. We were now connected by a chain attached to our ankles. The keys to the ankles cuffs were on the bed in the house. With the ankle cuffs locked on, I couldn't remove my boots, so therefore I too, like Jennifer, will have to wear my high heeled boots and suffer the same foot bondage, all afternoon and evening until I could get into the house and unlock the cuffs.

The ankles cuffs left Jennifer and I with about four inches of room between our ankles. We were very effectively hobbled, and as some of us may know, trying to walk while hobbled in high heels is a bondage all by itself. Jennifer and I would have to walk all the way out to the front yard while hobbled, connected by a four foot chain, to get the house key, so that we could get inside to free ourselves from the rest of our bondage.

The next bondage item was the waist belts. Mine was a simple chastity belt which meant it had a leather strap that went around the waist and one that went through the crotch and locked in front. Jennifer's was just a black four inch leather waist strap that also locked like mine with a hasp lock.

Attached to both of our waist straps in the back was a large "D"-ring to which our leather wrist cuffs were locked to. Jennifer put her waist belt on and I did the same with the chastity belt, pulling it good and tight pushing my dildo and butt plug deeper into their respective orifices. However, before we locked the belts on, we ran the locks through rings that were attached to the ends of a four foot wooden broomstick. This would keep Jennifer and I separated until we got back into the guest room and could get the keys to our waist belts, which were hanging over the bed. I will explain the reason for using the broomstick a little later.

I now turned on the TV and the VCR. Jennifer and I then hobbled over to where the nipple clamps were hanging and got ready for the final stages of our adventure.

It was time for the ball gags. These were specially made for this adventure. The gags included a medium size red rubber ball with a small chain running through the middle. Jennifer and I picked up our gags and put them in our mouths and then locked the chains tightly behind our heads, under our hair. These gags were a little bigger then what we had been using the whole weekend and they filled our mouths completely.

They were very effective in preventing Jennifer and I from talking to each other, let alone calling for help. Because of the locks, we would have to wear the gags for the entire period of self-bondage, because the keys to the locks for our gags were in the house. We would probably be wearing the ball gag along with the ankle cuffs and hobbles for about six or seven hours. It would just depend on when Jennifer and I could make that long trip around to the front yard to get the house key that was sitting in my mailbox.

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