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Chapter 16: Dual self-bondage

For this afternoon's adventure, Jennifer and I decided to tie ourselves up out in a guest room that was attached to the back of my garage. I use the room all the time for my own self-bondage fun because I can tie myself up in whatever clothing I desire (i.e., nude, stockings and garter belts etc.) but when I have to get free by walking out to the garage or the front yard to my mailbox for the key, it adds more excitement to the adventure when I have to make that long walk dressed the way I started. You see, if we tied ourselves up in the house, it would be very simple to just put on a long skirt or blouse and go outside and retrieve the key. Wearing the clothes we tied ourselves up in (or nothing at all) out into the open adds another bit of excitement and uncertainty to the self-bondage affair.

The idea that we came up with was simple. We would tie ourselves up out in the guest room using our locking wrist cuffs and put the keys in different locations throughout the yard, garage and house. We would therefore have to leave the guest room if we wanted to get free. The interesting part to this whole adventure was the techniques that Jennifer and I used to keep us both in the guest room for a few hours prior to getting out.

Earlier that morning, we had frozen the ends of two, six foot pieces of string in separate ice trays. Attached to the other end of each string was a set of metal nipple clamps, the kind that clamp tighter when they are pulled. In addition to the nipple clamps, we also froze a key to mine and Jennifer's wrist cuffs in a separate cube with it's own string attached. About three o'clock that afternoon, the strings and keys were frozen and we were all set to begin.

The first thing that we did was to pre-stage the keys to the assortment of locks that we were going to use to tie ourselves up with. There were fifteen keys in all; one for each ball gag, one for each waist belt, three each for each set of wrist cuffs, one each for the locking ankle cuffs, and the key to the back door of the house. Also, there were two keys to the locks that Jennifer was going to use to lock her high heels on her feet. I was going to wear high heeled boots.

Jennifer took the key to the back door and placed it in my mailbox out in the front yard. The keys to our ball gags, ankle cuffs, and Jennifer's shoe locks were placed on the bed in the house. I then took the one set of the keys to our wrist cuffs that were not frozen in an ice cube, and shuffled them in my hand and had Jennifer pick one out. This key was placed in the garage on the floor. Neither one of us knew which key was in there, so we would have to walk out there and find out who got their hands free first. The other key, that Jennifer didn't pick, the ones to our waist belts and the other wrist cuff key were tied to a string from the ceiling out in the guest room. They would be out of reach when our hands were locked behind us.

The whole idea with the keys was that Jennifer and I would have to walk out to the garage bound and gagged, get the one key off the floor and see whose cuffs it would unlock. Once that person's hands were free, then we would have to walk back into the guest room to get the other keys that were on the string hanging from the ceiling. They were easy to reach once your hands were free. Then we would have to wait until dark in order for us to make that long trip to the front yard to retrieve the house key. We would have to go together because we were going to lock our ankles to each other with a four foot chain. Once we were in the house, we would be able to take our gags off, release our ankle cuffs and be free. Simple, huh! So we thought.

We made sure that the garage side door was shut but not locked and that the key to the one set of wrist cuffs was in its place on the garage floor. We then set up our safety.

I took the last set of keys to our wrist cuffs and attached each one to a bucket of oil that was placed on the upper shelve in the closet. These buckets also had attached to them a long string that we laid on the floor until we were ready for the final task of tying ourselves up. More on this latter.

We went back into the house to get dressed for our adventure. We would dress in the house, then very quickly run out back to the guest room. We had moved the other set of keys that were already frozen in the ice cube along with the nipple clamps and strings, out to the freezer. We also transferred my TV and VCR out back so that we could watch some good bondage movies to help pass the time.

Back in the house, Jennifer chose to wear a black leather mini skirt with back high heeled opera pumps that had five inch heels. Underneath the mini skirt, she wore a white silk garter belt topped off with black nylon stockings. There was a beautiful contrast between the stockings and Jennifer's tanned thighs. The mini skirt didn't cover the top of her stockings and I could see where the garters were attached. Jennifer did not wear a blouse, so she was nude from the waist up.

I chose to wear my black boned corset that required Jennifer's help to lace up. Attached to the corset, were six garters to which I attached a pair of black stockings. When the corset was tightly laced, it gave me an hourglass shape and its feeling of restraint felt wonderful. The corset pushed my breasts up, making them firm and hard. To top off my outfit, I wore a pair of knee-high black leather boots with five-inch spiked heels.

Under my corset, and under Jennifer's leather mini skirt we both wore a pair of black high-waisted latex panties with built in butt plug and dildo. When the panties were pulled up tight, there was a sense of full around. Both Jennifer and I also wore elbow length black leather gloves. We looked like two bondage beauties, out of a John Willie bondage magazine which, by the way, is where we got the idea from. It was my idea to add the latex panties with butt plugs and dildos.

After we were dressed, we checked to make sure that the keys were in their place on the bed, the front door was locked and all of the lights turned out. We then checked the backyard very carefully for any signs of my next door neighbors. Luckily, they were in the house and we could proceed to the guest room without too much trouble. Trying to run in spiked heels and boots was not easy to say the least especially with a rear and pussy full of rubber!. As I left the house, I locked the door as I shut it. Even if we did not tie ourselves up, we would still have to wait until dark to get back in the house. We could not just walk around to the front yard dressed the way we were. When we got to the guest room, we locked the door and pulled the shades. We did not want someone looking in and taking advantage of two helplessly bound and gagged females. (The thought was very stimulating, though.)

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