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Chapter 15: Jennifer's revenge

Sunday morning found me tied up with about five hundred feet of rope. Earlier that morning, I had chosen to wear nothing but my thigh high black leather boots, black satin corset, and shoulder length kid gloves. Jennifer enjoyed helping me lace the corset tightly closed. She liked (and so did I) the hourglass shape that was present due to the corset.

Jennifer had started out my bondage by locking on the special chastity belt that I had used on her the night before. Then she started with my booted feet and wound yards and yards of soft cotton rope around my feet and legs, including my instep. With every five or six turns, Jennifer would cinch the rope tightly between my legs. She did this all the way up to my crotch. My legs were one solid piece of rope and were quite useless.

My wrists and arms came next. My wrists were tied palm to palm and cinched very tightly. Then more rope was wound around my arms up to and above my elbows (my elbows were actually touching).

Jennifer then took two smaller pieces of rope and tied them around my breasts. I had not realized that they were big enough to do that to, but Jennifer found out that they were. The rope made my breasts stand out very straight and my nipples very hard and sensitive.

She then took about one hundred foot of rope and begin to wind it around my body, pressing my bound arms very tightly against my back. I was helpless. To further add to my bondage, Jennifer took a roll of duct tape and completely taped my fingers and hands together. Jennifer sure learned fast! All that was left was a gag.

Before she gagged me, Jennifer produced a white rubber bathing cap and placed it on my head. She then stepped out of the panties that she was wearing and wadded them up into a ball and placed them in my mouth. The panties were damp and the taste was very familiar and exciting. Jennifer then took the roll of duct tape and proceeded to tape my mouth shut. She did not use just one piece of tape. She wound the tape all the way around my head twice. Then she used another piece that went under my chin and up over the top of my head. This was the reason for the bathing cap, to protect my hair. While she was wrapping the tape around the top of my head, she told me bite down on the panties. When she was through, it was impossible for me to talk or utter a sound let alone move my lips. I had never been so completely bound and gagged in my life. The only thing that was showing on my roped body was my ass and my bound breasts.

But Jennifer was not through yet. She then pulled a black stocking over my head to prevent me from rubbing the tape on the bed and possibly removing it (right!). She then placed me on the bed and attached a long rope to my feet and put the other end through a pulley that was over the bed. She then hoisted my legs up until only my shoulders and head were still touching the bed. I was semi-suspended by my feet.

One last little thing and Jennifer was finished. She attached a wooden clothespin to each nipple. They were already very sensitive due to the breast bondage, but this was almost too much. I only hoped that I could make it for two hours. I was starting to get very frustrated with the vibrator. It was doing a very good job of keeping me at the climax point without letting me go over the edge.

Jennifer just laid on the bed next to me and smoked a cigarette and read some bondage magazines. Occasionally she would get up and try on some different articles of my latex and leather clothing. She liked the feel of the latex and of course she had always liked the leather.

Needless to say it was a long two hours. I should mention that I spent the second hour of my bondage blindfolded. Jennifer tied a latex sheet over my eyes thus taking away another sense. Jennifer never touched me for the whole two hours except to check my hands and feet for lack of circulation. I wished she had, because I was a very frustrated (sexually) bound girl. However, I was luckier than Jennifer, somewhere in that last hour of bondage, the vibrator, clothespins, and the tight restraint (that I could not get free from) got the best of me. I must have came for five minutes. It was great!

At the end of the two hours, Jennifer released me from everything except the breast bondage, the clothespins on my nipples, the chastity belt and the gag. She let me remove all the rest of my bondage equipment myself, especially the clothespins from my nipples (remember they hurt more when they come off). We then had lunch and finished planning our afternoon self-bondage adventure. We were in store for quite an afternoon.

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