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Chapter 14: Jennifer's release

For the next hour, I just sat back and watch Jennifer "have fun." Now and then, I checked her hands and legs for any signs of circulation being cut off. There were none. I did not touch her or say anything to her for that hour. She was all alone with the vibrators, both in her pussy and attached to her nipples, and her bondage. Soft moans could be heard coming from under the leather hood. Those moans would always turn to whines as the vibrator, locked in her pussy, would shut off until the next cycle. The vibrating nipple clips were always on but not severe enough to cause an orgasm.

At the end of the hour, I untied the rope that was holding her head up and unlocked the leather hood and removed it. I pulled off the tape and took out the cotton balls from her ears. However, she remained gagged. I next untied her ankles from the spreader bar and attached a set of ankles cuffs to each ankle. I then connected the cuffs with a short chain, thus hobbling her.

I walked over to the winch and slowly let her arms down. I removed the rope holding her elbows, but before I untied her wrists, I attached a pair of handcuffs. I then removed the rope that bound her wrists together. Jennifer was standing in the middle of the room with her hands handcuffed behind her, gagged, feet hobbled, nipple clamps on each breast and a chastity belt locked between her legs. (It was interesting to note that Jennifer's inner thighs were very wet and it wasn't sweat)! I wanted to let Jennifer take the nipple clamps off herself, since that was always more difficult than putting them on.

I told Jennifer that I had the key to the chastity belt, but the keys to her wrist and ankle cuffs were on the kitchen table. I told her that she was to walk out to the kitchen and bring the keys back to the bedroom and unlock her bondage in here in front of me. If she didn't the chastity belt would stay on, and so would the vibrators. Jennifer just rolled her and slowly nodded her understanding. She had no choice.

She slowly started walking towards the kitchen. With each small step in her high heels and hobbles, her breasts would shake and along with her tits, the spring and weights attached to her nipple clamps. Just a little reminder that they were still there and that she had better take her time.

After about five minutes, Jennifer made her way back into the bedroom still bound the way she left. She walked over to the bed and sat down and started to unlock her handcuffs. In the state of her excitement and the leather gloves, she was having some problems. I just smiled and continued to watch my bound friend. When her hands were free, she reached up and removed both nipple clamps. The jolt that it gave her as the blood rushed back into the nipples must have been enough to push her over the edge. Jennifer just closed her eyes and screamed into her ball gag. She was having one tremendous orgasm. Jennifer then fell back on the bed exhausted.

I walked over to my bound friend and unbuckled and removed her ball gag and then unlocked her ankle cuffs. I slowly rolled her over and unlocked the chastity belt and carefully removed both the vibrator and the butt plug. Needless to say the vibrator was soaking wet. Lastly, I unlocked her chains that locked her high heels to her feet. I slipped her heels off and slowly tickled Jennifer's feet with my tongue. Jennifer was now free and fast asleep.

While Jennifer slept, I picked up the bedroom. After about a half-hour, Jennifer woke up and we talked about her bondage period. She said that it really didn't hurt much and that the vibrator did a very good job of frustrating her. She really enjoyed the strict bondage and the sensation of the vibrating nipple clamps was new and fantastic. Jennifer just smiled and said that it was very lonely in the leather hood and that she couldn't wait until she could lock me in to it. My turn was coming. Jennifer was learning fast!

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