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Chapter 13: The teasing

For the first hour, I teased Jennifer by using a feather on her breasts and nipples, inner thighs, the crack of her ass and on her stomach. I even used my tongue once in a while. She was very ticklish and all her attempts to get away were useless. I could also see that she was getting very excited by all this and I kept telling her that the second hour would be better. I also told her that I was going to pay her back for making me crawl the day before, when she first found me all tied up.

After the feather came the vibrator. I slowly caressed every inch of her bound body with the vibrating plastic. No parts were left untouched. I even inserted the vibrator deep into her wet pussy, but for just a few seconds. I wanted to keep Jennifer from having that badly needed orgasm to relieve herself.

I kept up this teasing for about forty-five minutes and then decided that Jennifer had had enough. She was out of breath and was sweating from all the excitement. She was also drooling down her chin around the ball gag. I took her panties that were lying on the bed and wiped off her face and chin. I then pulled the panties through he wet crotch and then proceeded to pull the panties over her head, thus limiting her sight and ensuring that she would have to smell her own juices. I also allowed her a few minutes to catch her breath.

While she rested, I set out the rest of the bondage equipment that I was going to use on her. The equipment included a black leather discipline hood that had a locking two inch collar, two nipple clamps with a spring and weight attached to each, a leather chastity belt with a built in vibrator, small butt plug, two small balls of cotton, some adhesive tape, and a five foot piece of rope. I removed the panties from Jennifer's head and when Jennifer looked at all the additional equipment, she knew what was coming. She just hung her head down in defeat.

I started first with the cotton balls. I placed one in each of Jennifer's ears and held them in place with a strip of adhesive tape. This served to isolate her from any sounds in the room. I next picked up the discipline hood and placed it on her head. The only opening that this particular hood had was three small holes around the nose so that she could breath normally. The hood zipped down the back of her head and the whole helmet was locked in place by a two-inch collar that went around her neck. (Remember, she was still gagged with the ball gag.)

To make her movements more restricted, I attached the five foot piece of rope to the D-ring attached on top of the leather hood. I then connected the other end of the rope to her wrists and pulled the slack out. This arrangement forced her to lift her head back and hold it there.

Next came the chastity belt and vibrator. This vibrator was very special. I use it all the time on myself during my self-bondage adventures. The vibrator has a built in timer that turns the motor on and off at random times. It only stays on for a maximum of ten seconds and then shuts off for a period of up to one minute. You never know when the motor will start or stop. It can drive a girl wild with frustration.

If you remember, Jennifer was in a very excited state from all the tickling and caressing. This vibrator would keep here near the orgasm point without allowing her to go over the edge. When I use the vibrator and belt on myself, I stay close to orgasm for over two hours until I could get free and relieve myself.

I strapped the waist strap around her waist and buckled it in back. I then put on a latex glove, and spread K-Y gel on my index finger. Jennifer just about went through the roof as I slowly inserted my finger into her tight ass, thus lubricating it and making it ready for the butt plug. Once the plug was inserted, I then brought the crotch strap through her legs, turned on the vibrator and carefully inserted it into Jennifer's already wet pussy. I then locked this strap tightly to the waist belt in back. Without the key, the chastity belt would not come off and the vibrator keeps running.

I stepped back for a few minutes and watched the reactions of my bound friend. I could see that the vibrator was doing its job. Jennifer was softly moaning to herself when the vibrator was on but then she whined in frustration when it turned off. I could tell that she was staying excited by the hardness of her nipples. This was going to be a fun hour. I almost felt sorry for her (not really).

One last piece of stimulation. I carefully attached the nipple clamps to each of her nipples. These clamps were special. They were vibrating nipple clamps. They also had a spring and weight attached to each and with each movement of Jennifer's body, the sensation to her breasts was compounded. With the vibrator going, and the butt plug deeply lodged in Jennifer's ass, Jennifer's body was constantly in motion and therefore so were the weights attached to her nipples. As I switched on the nipple clamps, the results on Jennifer were immediate. You could see that she was trying to stand still to prevent the weights from swinging but as the nipple clamps continued to vibrate and as the vibrator in pussy turned on and was quite a sight.

To further complete her bondage, I took a roll of black electrician's tape and taped her fingers tightly together. Even if she could reach the knots, her fingers were now useless.

Jennifer's wish was now complete. She wanted to be totally bound, gagged, and teased for a two hour period. And that she was. She could neither hear, speak, or see, and she was under going a very frustrating time not being able to have the sexual release that she wanted and needed so badly.

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