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Chapter 12: Jennifer's wish

After supper, which by the way, had to be fed to me by Jennifer since I was tightly bound and blindfolded to the Captain's chair, it was time for Jennifer to get her wish and my sweet revenge. She choose to wear only a pair of black latex stockings, garter belt, kid leather gloves, and black patent leather opera pumps with six inch spiked heels.

I helped Jennifer dress in her latex outfit. After she was nude, I rubbed powder on her legs to make the latex stockings slip on easier. I then attached the stockings to her garter belt. I then slipped the pumps on her feet and helped her to pull on the long leather gloves.

Jennifer looked very beautiful in this outfit. She found, though, that walking in the high heels was very difficult even for her. With each step, her breasts would jiggle up and down. It was very funny and exciting to watch her.

Jennifer paraded herself in front of my full length mirror, admiring the way the latex hugged her thighs. She had to smoke one more cigarette before her ordeal was to begin. The contrast was sharp between her black gloved fingers and the long white cigarette.

When she finished the cigarette, I had Jennifer turn around and place her gloved hands behind her, palm to palm. I then selected a ten foot piece of small nylon rope and wound about half the cord loosely around her wrists and then knotted it, leaving two, two foot ends. I then wound the rope ends around the coils holding her wrists. After passing the ends of the rope between her wrists and arms, I pulled them tight, thus cinching her hands together very tightly. I then tied her arms very close together above the elbows, again cinching them tightly. Having her elbows touch caused her tits to stand out straight and made her nipples hard. I couldn't resist the urge to "tweek" them with my fingers. Jennifer just closed her eyes and slowly licked her lips. Jennifer was now my bound slave. Her hands and arms were useless to her. I now had her parade around the room for me. This showed her how helpless she was. The six inch pumps would prevent her from moving very fast.

I picked up the red ball gag and had Jennifer kneel with her back to me. I placed the ball to her red lips and she accepted it without question. I buckled the straps tightly behind her head, taking care to move her hair out of the way. The ball gag filled her mouth completely. To test the effectiveness of the gag, I produced a feather and started to tickle my bound and helpless friend. The gag worked perfectly. All I could hear were moans coming from her gagged lips.

To keep Jennifer from removing her high heels, I took two small chains and locks and proceeded to lock the shoes on her feet by wrapping the small chain around her heels, crossing the chain in front of her foot and then locking it under the soles. Without the key, the high heels would not come off. The height of the heels served as nice bondage all by themselves, but I wasn't through with Jennifer yet.

I took Jennifer to the middle of the room and had her stand under the pulley that was attached to the ceiling. I took the rope that was threaded through the pulley and tied it around Jennifer's wrists. The other end of the rope was attached to a small winch across the room. Before I pulled her wrists up behind her, I bound her legs by attaching each ankle to the end of a three foot spreader bar, thus spreading her legs wide apart. It was very challenging to say the least for her to stand with her legs held apart and her feet in such high heels. Now Jennifer knows the reason why I locked the heels on her feet. Her attempts to kick her shoe off were to no avail. She was a prisoner by her own choice of shoes. I then attached a snap hook to a ring in the center of her ankle spreader bar and locked this to another hook in the floor. Jennifer could not move from where she was standing.

I walked over to the winch and started to turn it slowly. Jennifer's wrists and arms were slowly being pulled up behind her. As her wrists moved up, her head was forced down. When her wrists were high over her head, I turned the winch one more click for good measure. I then locked the winch to prevent it from slipping. Jennifer looked just the picture in one of the bondage magazines. She looked very beautiful all tied up the way she was. I asked her if she was all right and Jennifer shook her head yes. Jennifer tested her bonds and found that escape was out of the question. As was our agreement for this weekend, she would remain my prisoner for two hours.

I walked back over to Jennifer and checked her bonds, making sure that all the loose ends were neatly tucked away and out of the reach of probing fingers. As I walked behind her, I gave her a sharp slap on the ass and watched the reaction. It had caught her by surprise, but what could she do? Tied the way that she was, any movement by her made her breasts jiggle. Jennifer blushed every time this happened. Jennifer just moaned into her gag and struggled harder.

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