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Chapter 10: Jennifer

It seemed like a long time lying there all bound and gagged. My mind was racing with the endless possibilities that could occur this evening. I was very excited, but the bondage prevented me from bring myself over the edge. My only hope was that Jennifer would be so kind.

I finally heard the door being unlocked. I next heard someone walking over to the bed. When my blindfold was removed, I looked up to see Jennifer standing there wearing tight black leather pants, black leather knee high boots, a black leather bustier that pushed her breasts up firm and high, and short black leather gloves. She was holding a thin white cigarette in one hand and a black and riding crop. (Jennifer rides horses for hobby.) The outfit matched her long black hair and blue eyes. She was very beautiful, sexy, and very domineering to say the least.

Jennifer and I had become friends by attending the local spa together. Jennifer worked as a model and art director a local fashion store in town. She had quite the body, to say the least. Jennifer was 5'8" with a perfect shape that would turn all the men's heads and make the wives very jealous. She had long black hair to match her long legs. Her measurements were 37"-24"-36" and she was very athletic. She loved to ride horses and she looked fantastic in equestrian gear, riding boots, and gloves. Jennifer loved to show off her body (the model in her!). She would always wear the most revealing clothes, including leather skirts, stocking vice pantyhose, and she loved to wear gloves. It was always easy to buy gifts for Jennifer because she liked the same type of clothes that I did. The only difference was she wears her clothes out in public, and I wear mine in the bedroom for my own pleasure. In addition to the clothes, she always wore some sort of high heels or boots unless she was barefoot or working out. High heels seemed to accent the length of her long and shapely legs

Jennifer and I have been very close for sometime. We spent a lot of time together and share many secrets including our sex lives and different fantasies. We have even had a few lesbian encounters from time to time but just for fun and excitement and nothing long term. We both valued the friendship of each other including the touch of each other's hands. However, we both considered ourselves heterosexual and dated when the opportunity arose.

The subject of bondage would come up a few times in passing, but I was never able to tell how Jennifer would take an outright discussion on the subject. Her finding me tonight was really a dream come true. Jennifer was more domineering that I was, so she tended to be the one that would lead the discussions or make the big decision for the both of us. That suited me just fine. It was not everyday that a girl could find such a beautiful mistress.

After the blindfold was removed, Jennifer released the strap that secured my elbows. She then removed the ball gag, nipple clips, leather collar, and unfastened the strap that held my ankles to my thighs. When she was finished, my hands were still locked to the chastity belt behind me, my thumbs still locked in the thumbcuffs, and I was still bound at the ankles, above and below the knees. She asked me where I kept the key to the lock that attached my wrist cuffs to the chastity belt. I said it was in the equipment bag. Jennifer got the key and released the wrist cuffs from the belt but not my wrists.

She then took the key to cuffs and placed them on the floor across the room. She told me that if I wanted to get free, I would have to crawl across the room, get the key, and bring it to her so that she could release me and that I had to bring the key to her in my lips.

I had no choice. I did as I was told. Jennifer just sat back in the chair, smoked her cigarette, and paged through one of my bondage magazines, laughing at me the whole time. I had to first slowly make my way out to the dinning room to get the key that would unlock my thumbcuffs. Crawling was not easy with the bondage and the thigh-high boots that I was wearing.

Once my thumbs were unlocked, I slowly made my way across the floor and picked up the key to my wrist cuffs with my lips and gave it to Jennifer. I placed the key in Jennifer's gloved hand and as I did this she held my chin firmly between her gloved fingers and planted a long wet kiss on my lips. The smell of the fine leather, Jennifer's perfume, and the heat of her kiss was almost to much for me I melted into Jennifer's arms. Jennifer then rolled me over and unlocked the wrists cuffs. I released the rest of my bondage myself.

The rest of the weekend, we took turns tying each other up in different bondage positions using the variety of bondage equipment that I owned. We agreed that each of us would spend two hours as bound prisoners of the other.

I showed Jennifer how the nipple clamps worked, what a leather discipline helmet felt like (I had two kinds, one with a built in gag and one without), and what chastity belts were for. She wanted to try on everything. She also tried on different articles of my latex collection and my assortment of leather clothes, boots and shoes. She especially like the thigh-high boots, corsets and of course the elbow-length black leather gloves.

Saturday afternoon, I finally got around to showing Jennifer all my techniques that I use for self-bondage. It was funny watching her trying to tie herself up. She had no problems with the feet or the gag, but when it came to the wrists cuffs and the locks, it took more practice. We decided that Sunday afternoon we would try a detailed self-bondage adventure together and that way we could both be tied up together like some of the photos that were in my bondage magazines.

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