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Chapter 9: Discovered

I had not realized that she was going to come over this early. I could not understand why she was here now, but she was. Jennifer did have a key to the house. I was out of luck. I heard her opening the door and walking in. I knew that she would come into the bedroom and find me on the bed all bound and gagged. There was no way out now. My secret would be known. I almost died with humiliation. I tried to struggle against my bondage, for what reason, I am not sure.

When Jennifer entered the bedroom, she must have been taken by surprise because she just stopped at the door and said, "Terri, what are you doing?"

She rushed over to the bed and took off the blindfold and tried to take the wrist cuffs off, but found that they were locked on good and tight.

"Boy, someone sure did not want you to get away did they? Where is the key?" Jennifer had forgotten that I was still gagged. She then unbuckled the strap that held the ball gag in place, and removed the gag but not the nipple clamps, she did not realize that they were attached to my nipples . I told her that the key was hanging in the middle of the room. She stared at me for a moment but then smiled and looked and me and asked me if I had done this to myself. I told her yes and then she asked me why.

I was caught, what could I do, so I explained that I have been practicing bondage for sometime and I had not found someone that I could really trust to tie me up, so I invented ways to tie myself up and still get out without anyone's help. I told her that this was called self-bondage.

Then she asked me what happens if I can not free myself from my self-imposed restraint. I explained that I used her as a safety person. Before I placed myself in some restrictive bondage, I would always call her and tell her to come over later that day or evening. Since she had her own key, she always knew to come on inside and wait for me if I was not home. This way, if something was wrong with my bondage, Jennifer would eventually come along and free me. I also told her about the bucket method in the closet.

Jennifer just smiled and got up from the bed and walked over to the piece of ice that held the key to my wrist cuffs and untied it from the string. She then walked into the bathroom and melted the ice cube to retrieve the key. When she came back, she held the key up in front of my face and told me, "I guess that I am that someone now, besides you don't have any choice." She was right. I was still bound very securely and Jennifer did have the key. Then Jennifer surprised me by asking me if I would like to spend the rest of the weekend with her tying each other up. She said that she had always been curious about what bondage was like, but she never really had the chance to try it, now she had that chance. I quickly agreed, besides, what choice did I have?

Jennifer told me that she had to go home and get some different clothes so that she could stay here for the whole weekend. She also said that we could start tying each other up now and that she would finish retying me on the bed, then go home and get her stuff. That sounded good to me.

I told Jennifer that I kept the rest of my bondage equipment in a suitcase under the bed. Jennifer pulled the suitcase out and dumped the contents in the middle of the room. She was surprised at all the bondage stuff that I had.

Jennifer sat down on the floor and examined each piece of equipment. I tried to explain to her the purpose for each piece. I did the best that I could, tied up the way I was. She tried a few of the pieces on herself such as one of my ball gags, a leather collar, and some ankle cuffs. She then picked out two elbow cuffs, and a connecting leather strap.

Jennifer got up from the floor and sat down next to me on the bed. She was admiring my outfit. She liked my corset and loved my boots. She had always wanted a pair of thigh-high ones but settled for the knee highs instead due to the cost. Jennifer and I can wear the same clothes so it would be fun to help her learn about dressing for pleasure.

Jennifer then rolled me back on my stomach and proceeded to attach a leather cuff to each arm, above each elbow. She then connected them together was a small leather strap thus forcing my elbows close together. This was something that I am unable to accomplish by myself. I do have ways to tie my elbows tightly together, but if I do, I would not be able to get out without help.

Before Jennifer got up to leave, she regagged me with the ball gag, pulling it tighter that I had before. This is when she noticed the nipple clips. She just shook her head and caressed each nipple slowly around the clamp. I was in heaven. She then retied the rubber sheet around eyes thus cutting off all sight. She got up from the bed, patted me on the rear, gave me a kiss on the head and said, "Be back in awhile dear, just relax. Oh by the way" she said. "I have the key to your cuffs, if you need to get free you can always use the bucket". I then heard her walk out of the room and lock the door. I was now all alone. I had finally had my wildest dream come true. I had been bound and gagged be a beautiful women who was in complete control over me and who wanted to share some "bondage" with me. I was in heaven. My thoughts switched now to the many possibilities that would arise this weekend.

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