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Chapter 8: More fun

I locked the doors and stripped down to the nude leaving my clothes right where I took them off. My nipples were hard with anticipation. I then poured myself a tall glass of wine and quickly headed to my bedroom, after first ensuring all the doors and windows were once again locked.

I sat down on the bed and drank my wine while I picked up and caressed all the bondage items and clothes that I had laid out, the wrist cuffs, the ball gag, the white soft nylon rope, and of course the boots. I could hardly wait, but I knew that the longer I made it last, the better the results would be. I took my time while dressing.

First, I put on a beautiful black leather corset and slowly adjusted and pulled the laces tight to obtain a beautiful hourglass figure. The corset started from just below my breasts to my hips. It was heavily boned and it pushed my tits up and out making my breasts hard and causing my nipples to further harden. I slowly caressed each nipple as I sipped from my wine.

I next carefully pulled on a pair of black silk stockings, the kind with the black seam up the back. The stockings were kept up by the eight garters attached to the corset. I was very fussy and had to ensure that the seams were straight. After the stockings came a black leather G-string panty that showed more than it covered.

I slowly sipped the wine as I modeled for myself in the full length mirror across the bedroom. The hourglass shape was stunning and I really enjoyed the feel of the tight caressing around my midsection. I had often worn this outfit to work just wondering what my co-workers would think if they knew what I had on underneath my work clothes. On the days that I dressed for pleasure, I would always get comments asking me if I had lost weight, or had been working out. I just smiled.

Next came thigh-high black leather boots with six inch heels. I have always loved boots. They feel so permanent. They can not be removed without the use of your hands so therefore they are almost a bondage by themselves. The height of the heels served to effectively hobble my steps. I slowly pulled the boots up each leg and zipped up the zipper on the inside of my thighs. The boots came all the way up to just below my crotch. My legs were now encased in beautiful black leather. To prevent me from removing the boots, I locked the boot's zipper to a very small hasp hook at the top of the boot. The key to the lock was in my mailbox in the front yard. I always liked my bondage spicy.

To top off my bondage outfit, I slipped my hands into a pair of shoulder length black kidskin gloves. The gloves serve to heighten the feeling of restraint since it's harder to find the key hole with gloved fingers. They also serve to protect my wrists from chaffing and make the kinky outfit complete. I like looking like the Irving Klaw models of the past. They always seem to be wearing corsets, gloves, and high heels or boots. Being a bondage model would be great if I could find the right person.

I felt very sexy and I knew that I would not be going outside for a walk, dressed like this. As I finished up my wine, I called Jennifer and asked her to come over that evening so that we could go out together. (Friday was our normal night on the town.) We talked for a while, and all the time I sat there slowly caressing myself with my gloved hands. If Jennifer only knew what was planned for the evening, or what I was currently wearing while I was talking to her. Jennifer said that she would be over around eight o'clock that evening. That gave me about three hours of bondage fun. After I had hung up, I was all set to begin.

I slowly walked to the kitchen and removed the ice cube, with the key frozen inside, from the freezer. Walking was very difficult in the high heeled boots. I guess that is why I love to lock them on once in a while.

I returned to the bedroom and hooked the ice cube, with the key frozen inside, up to a string hanging from the ceiling in the middle of my bedroom. When it melts, the key would fall to the floor and I would have to struggle over to the key and free myself. I also set up an additional safety in case I needed to get free in an emergency. I had tied a long rope to bucket and placed this bucket on top of my closet shelf. The rope was long enough to rest on the floor of my closet among all my shoes and boots. I attached a set of keys to the rope about a foot from the bucket. If I needed to get free fast, I could pull on the rope and the bucket would fall to the floor and I could get to the keys. However, to prevent me from using this as an easy way out, the bucket was filled with old motor oil that I had saved from my last tune-up. The mechanic wondered why I needed the oil. If he only knew. I made sure that the closet door was open and I was now ready to begin the tying part of my adventure.

I sat down on the bed and picked up a long piece of quarter inch nylon rope and proceeded to tie and cinch my booted feet together very tightly at the ankles. I then stood up and locked a three-inch wide leather belt around my waist. This belt had a two-inch strap that was attached in back to the waist strap and went through my legs and again locked in front. This key was also in the mailbox. This leather ensemble, better known as a chastity belt, is one of my favorite toys, as it would deny access to my most vital parts. Because I was wearing panties, I did not use the vibrator or butt plug, so therefore today's bondage would only deal with restriction, restraint, and nipple discipline.

I now locked a set of wrist cuffs to a D-ring which was also attached to the leather belt in back. When my hands were locked in, I would be unable to move them away from my body. I now tied my legs together above and below the knees, thus making my booted legs useless. To make things even more difficult, I got up on the bed and sat back on my ankles (this was hard to do with the thigh-high boots on, they were not very flexible) and strapped my ankles to my thighs with a large leather strap. With my hands locked behind me, I would be effectively hogtied, a position that I love very much.

I picked up the red ball gag and wedged the sphere between my lips. I pulled the straps behind my head and buckled them tightly, pulling the ball deep into my mouth. Without help, the gag was not coming off. To force my head up, and to make the bondage all that more restrictive, I picked up a three-inch leather collar and buckled it around my neck.

The ball gag had a special feature that I used this evening. I had placed a small silver chain through the ball using the same hole that the leather strap went through. Attached to both ends of the chain was a set of nipple clamps. I carefully attached a clamp to each nipple. The length of the chain was such that I had to keep my head bowed to prevent putting too much tension on the nipple clamps and thus my already sensitive nipples. These nipple clamps were the kind that press harder, the harder they are pulled. They were not coming off. One last item and I was ready for that moment of truth.

I picked up a long latex sheet which I had folded it into a four inch wide band, to use as a blindfold. I tied this tightly about my head covering my eyes. I used latex because I love the smell of leather and latex together and the latex blindfold would not slip off no matter how I struggled. I also found that being blindfolded made the time go slower and it also allows me to fantasize easier. Your mind starts to play funny tricks when your sight is cut off and freedom of movement is restricted.

I now carefully laid on my side, since lying on my stomach would be hard with the nipple clips on, and placed my hands behind me and locked on the wrist cuffs. To add that much more adventure to the evenings fun I also locked on a set of thumbcuffs, thus furthering my bondage. The thumbcuffs would have to come off first before I could use the key to unlock the wrist cuffs. I had recently started to add the thumbcuffs along with the wrist cuffs to make the bondage that much more restrictive. I had practiced many times using just my fingers to unlock the thumbcuffs. The key to the thumbcuffs was setting on my dining room table. I had attached a string to the key and let the string hand over the edge. I would have to somehow struggle into the dinning room, find the string, pull the key off the table and then unlock the thumbcuffs. The journey would be slow to say the least, what with the hogtie position, blindfold, and the nipple clamps that were keeping my head bowed. Once the thumbcuffs were unlocked, I would still have to wait for the key to my wrist cuffs to fall to the floor to complete my escape from my bondage.

I was now a prisoner of my own bondage. I knew that I had about two hours before the ice would melt, so I just laid back and relaxed, because I was not going anywhere.

The only problem that I could see with this bondage adventure would be that I would have to listen carefully for the key to hit the floor. If I had not put a small plate on the carpet under the key, there would have been no way to find the exact spot where the key would fall.

Since I used a very restrictive bondage tie up and would only be able to move inches at a time, and coupled with the fact that my fingers were encased in leather gloves, the search would have been almost impossible. But with the plate on the floor, the key can only bounce so far and I know were to start looking.

I laid there for a few moments getting use to my bondage before I decided to make that long trip into the dining room. The ball gag made speech impossible and since my bedroom was in the back of the house anyway, no one would be able to hear any sound that I could make. Trying to lift my head only caused more tension to my nipples. This would be an excellent way to tie a slave. Having her head bowed and attached to her nipples would make her appreciate her submission. It's doing an excellent job on me. Too bad I am submissive to my own self-bondage and not a beautiful mistress.

The latex blindfold did a excellent job of cutting off all sight. To me the blindfold triples the feeling of helplessness in bondage. If you do not think this is so, try a little experiment. Place the key to your favorite handcuffs on the floor across the room. Now tie your ankles together so that walking is very difficult (cross your ankles before you tie them, this makes standing up hard to do). Now handcuff your wrists behind your back. Getting to the key on the floor takes some work and you will probably will scoot along on your butt or side. It's fairly easy to see your objective, but try the same situation again only this time add a tight blindfold so that all reference to room position is lost and then try it again. The results will be vastly different.

My bondage was very secure. My gloved wrists were held tightly to my waist, and my booted legs were quite useless. I could not move around very much. Even trying to turn over on my stomach was very difficult to do because of the hogtie position and the nipple clips. The leather strap that held my ankles to my thighs brought my heels very close to my rear end and I could feel the spiked heels with my fingers. I could only picture what I looked liked.

I began to fantasize that I had been kidnapped by a white slave ring and that I had been sold to a rich countess in a far off land. This countess like her girls in leather and boots and demands that they be tightly restrained. I feel the hands of the countess as she inspected the bonds that held me tightly. I was very sexually excited but could not touch myself in any way. I could only pull on the nipple clamps, increasing the tension on my nipples.

I had not been tied up too long when I thought I heard the front doorbell ring. Then, it rang again. It really surprised me. I was not expecting anyone this early in the afternoon, that I could remember. Then there was someone knocking on the door. I heard the person say "Terri! Are you in there?" It was Jennifer!

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