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Chapter 6: The Long, Long Wait

My next priority in life was to get out to the garage, where I could get the key to the bathroom. If you will remember, the key to my leather chastity belt is locked in the bathroom. I could not use the bathroom with the chastity belt on and the butt plug still inserted. I walked over to the door and looked outside. Walking was very difficult in the high heeled boots and hobble chain. It was even more difficult with the cramps due to the enema.

When I looked outside, the backyard was clear so I opened the door and very slowly started walking towards the garage. I had no sooner taken three steps (small steps) when I quickly had to walk back inside. I had heard the next door neighbors talking on their back porch. They could see my garage from where they were standing. They were saying something about washing their car and that they had better start soon. Unfortunately, I would have to wait for a while until my neighbors were through. Hopefully, it would be a short time, because I needed to use the bathroom very bad and my will power was slowly going away.

I went back inside and tried to lie down and see if that would help relieve the cramps. It did not. My jaw was sore from the ball gag and all the walking was not helping my poor feet. The vibrator was still going and I realized that with the chastity belt locked on, I could not get to it to turn it off. The stimulation was however helping to ease the pain in my lower abdomen. So, I just laid there watching the rest of my bondage movie on the video tape machine.

After a half hour, I checked the backyard again. This time the neighbors were gone. I once again started towards the front of the garage. When I got there, I found the key to the bathroom and started back towards the guest room. It was a long slow walk to the garage and back (about 200 steps) in boots and hobble chain. I finally got back to the room and unlocked the bathroom door. I got the key to my chastity belt, unlocked it, and then removed it along with the butt plug and vibrator. I then sat down on the toilet to relieve myself.

I must have been some sight. There I was sitting on the toilet wearing white knee high leather boots, black latex stockings, and a red ball gag and black harness, with my ankles hobbled by a twelve inch chain, trying to go to the bathroom. If my girlfriend could only see me now.

After I had totally relieved myself, I decided to clean the room up. I could not go out to the mailbox until it was dark, which was about another two hours, so I would have to stay gagged, booted, and hobbled for the rest of the afternoon. If I had tied myself up in the house, I could have put on a long dress to hide my boots and outfit, and a hooded shirt to cover up my gag and then made my way out to the front of the house to retrieve the key without raising any questions. Since I was in the quest room, I had no other clothes to put on (by design), so therefore I was not going anywhere and better yet, I have to remain in some sort of semi-bondage!. This was the reason for using the guest room for my bondage. I just hope my poor jaw and feet can hold out.

Eventually, darkness came and I slowly made my way out to the mailbox to get the key to my ankle cuffs and to the house. Luckily, there was nobody outside, so the walk was fairly uneventful. I was going to be very glad to get the boots and ball gag off. I will have had them on for about seven hours.

When I got in the house, I unlocked the ankle cuffs and removed the boots. I next removed the key to my gag from my boot and unlocked and removed the gag and harness. What a relief! I took off my latex stockings and took a nice long shower. I would still have to wait until Monday to get the key to my locking latex leotard. I was all set to greet my girlfriend when she came over.

While in the shower, I thought back over the last several hours of bondage and decided that I was very satisfied with the bondage experience. I had set out to completely tie and gag myself and then force something on myself that I was unable to get out or stop due to the bondage.

When my girlfriend arrived, we talked for a while and started to leave to go out for dinner. We walked into the front room and I saw the note that I had left for her on the table. I had forgot about it and luckily she did not find it. It would have been very interesting if she had found me all bound and gagged, with an enema hose stuck in my rear, or if she had found the note and asked me about it. (I might have told her!)

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