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Chapter 5: The coming

It had seemed like hours since I had first locked my wrists behind me. I was halfway through the fourth bondage video when I heard the weight hit the floor. I tried desperately to struggle to stop the water from flowing (the fun part of bondage...the struggling against the restraints), but I had planned my bondage well. I could not reach the hose. I felt the warm water entering my rear. It was a very strange sensation to say the least. I suddenly had this building urge to go to the bathroom, but my bondage prevented that. The urge continue to build as the rubber bag emptied. Finally, after what seemed like forever, the flow of water stopped.

I had used about two quarts of water, thinking that it would be enough. It was! I was also beginning to think that I had made a mistake about using an enema as the stimulator, but there was nothing that I could do now. The enema was being forced upon me just as I had planned. I would just have to hope that the ice holding the key to my wrist cuffs would melt soon.

After a few minutes, the combination of the enema, vibrator, nipple clamps, and the tight bondage got the best of me. The first wave of orgasm hit me like a brick wall. Then the second wave hit me. I was in heaven. Had it not been for the head strap holding me up, I would have collapsed right on the floor. Slowly, my breath returned and along with my breath, so did the cramps in my lower abdomen. I also noticed that I was sweating profusely. I now wanted very much to get out of my bondage, but looking over at the ice that held my key to freedom, I could tell that I still had a while to go.

Time at this point really started to slow down. The more I wanted the ice cube to melt, the slower it seemed to drip. The feeling in my rear was very uncomfortable and I needed to use the bathroom NOW! After about fifteen minutes (it seemed like hours) of standing there with a rear end full of water and a strong urge to use the bathroom, the ice that was holding my key to freedom finally melted and the key swung down to where my hands were bound. I tried about four times before I was able to unlock my wrist cuffs. The leather gloves had again done their part.

When my hands were free, I removed the strap that was holding my head up. I next removed the leather collar from about my neck. I now very carefully removed the nipple clamps. This proved to be harder than putting them. As each clamp was removed, a shock was felt that started at the nipple and ended between my legs with the vibrator. My nipples were very sensitive and sore from all the struggling. I finally removed the leather gloves. I was free from my bondage with the exception of the hose that was still stuck in my rear, the straps that held my legs apart and of course the gag.

I now picked up the spring clamp that was lying on the floor and pinched the hose shut as near the butt plug as possible. Trying to bend over and concentrate was very hard to do with a rear end full of water. Once the clamp was in place, I then cut the hose thus separating me from the enema bag. I then reached down and unhooked the straps that were attached to my ankle cuffs. I was now free to walk around the room.

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