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Chapter 3: Helplessness

This is my favorite time in self-bondage. Feeling the last lock click shut, taking that last chance for freedom away, gives a rush that is very hard to describe. What if, as I was locking the last lock, I happen to look around at the ice holding my key to freedom and see it lying on the floor or maybe that the string was not tied correctly and that I had just sealed my fate for the next several hours with no hope for escape except for my girlfriend finding the note. What If!

Before I had started my bondage experience, I had place a full length mirror in front of me. When I looked in it, I saw a young girl dressed in black shiny latex and white leather boots, completely bound and gagged.

I felt just about how I looked. I could not move more than a couple of inches in any direction. The vibrator was doing its job of keeping me very stimulated, and any movement was instantly transmitted to my nipples through the springs and nipple clamps.

The one thing that I had forgotten was to look at the clock. I knew it was in the early afternoon and that was it, and I also knew from experience that I had about two and a half hours before the ice holding the key to my wrist cuffs would melt. I did not know, however, how long the ice holding the other string and weight would last. I assumed that it would fall sooner just because of the additional weight. As it turned out I was right!

After a while, the VCR started and I tried to "relax" and watch some of my favorite bondage movies. It was hard to concentrate on the movies with the vibrator going. My mind started to drift and fantasize. I dreamed that I was some mistress's slave that was being punished for some small deed that had not pleased her. I also fantasized that while I was bound and gagged, my girlfriend walked into the room and found me. Instead of releasing me, however, she continued to tease me and tighten my already tight bondage. It was these kind of thoughts that made the bondage all that more exciting.

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