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Update December 19, 2018

Welcome to the new home page of Terri, the author of The Adventures of Terri and Jennifer. 

This is a restraining saga about one girl's introduction and continued journey into a fun filled, seemly never ending bondage, relationship.  
New chapters are in the making.  Currently 7 more are finished and should be up soon!  I have another 82 chapters in various forms of editing that
I have yet to finish.  I am always adding little scenes and details to the chapters and they just keep expanding.

I will be revising the many chapters posted here and will try and add a revision date to each page as I update them.

NOTE: The material is adult oriented and you should be 21 years or older to view it.  

Terri or Jennifer can be emailed by clicking here.

This work is copyrighted by Terri at bondageadventures.com

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Background: The Adventure Series started as a set of three letters written to the editor of Harmony's Concepts' (then Harmony Communications) magazine "BONDAGE LIFE". All three letters were published in various issues of BONDAGE LIFE starting with issue 17 back in July of 1984, and BONDAGE PARADE. The first letter was even published in the HOM magazine "BOUND TO PLEASE". In general most of the letters were reproduced by Harmony in their entirety with the exception that some of the "rougher" items i.e. clothespins on the nipples and the use of nipple clamps, were deleted out of the second and third letters. This was in keeping with Harmony's "Love Bondage" philosophy.

In 1991, I discovered the joys of online fun and decided to contribute to the fun and thus I combined all three letters into one long story, then greatly expanded the story to include more details, techniques and the increased use of fetish type clothing. All this came about as my horizons were expanded from the people I met online and the large variety of ideas that started to appeal to me. Chapters 1-32 are the combination of the three letters plus new enhancements. Chapters 33 and above are just a continuation of the story as Terri continues deeper into the world of bondage fun, mainly self-bondage and a bondage filled relationship with her other female friends.

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